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Experienced Solar Advisor & Broker

Why use Ed O’Brien as your Solar Advisor?

When we purchased our first home, the utility bills would just keep coming month after month and we thought there must be a better way! So our quest began and I would tinker and adapt energy efficient procedures and techniques, we were quite pleased when we started to see some savings. Then we bought another home and tried new things, upgraded old ideas and started going to solar seminars, festivals and anything that showed alternative ways to heat and cool your home or produce hot water without fossil fuels. In the meantime, the internet expanded our research and opened up a whole new world. My wife who was very supportive, however had very little interest in the mechanics of how and what made it all work so I started to teach myself.

Then in the early 2000’s we decided to custom build a passive solar, super energy efficient home with active solar systems on the home. The salesman who sold us our photovoltaic system was so impressed with our house and my knowledge over the course of the project he offered me a job.

So here I am hoping to help you do as we did!

Where We are Today.

Our family now lives in a net-zero renewable energy powered home and enjoy knowing that we use no fossil fuels and still enjoy all the comforts of home. As of late we purchased a plug-in hybrid electric car a Chevy Volt. Now we charge our car at home with our solar and we can now say we are driving on sunshine!

We have not only cut our living expenses but also cut our transportation costs not only in fuel but also the maintenance of a traditional gas-powered vehicle. Keep in mind this was done over a 10 year period.

Every journey starts with the first step, so let me help you with the first steps!